How to contribute to kickstart small business through crowdfunding

Small businesses are play a huge role in countries economy.These numbers should give you better insight into this statement.In USA, there are 27 million small businesses which contribute $6 trillion to the economy.8 million jobs have been generated since 1990.They generate 4,000 jobs a day on an average and 90% of all new jobs in a year.More than half of the non farm GDP of the country is generated by small business.

These figures should give you enough reasons on why you should invest in a small businesses.Above all, on an average an American household throws away $12,000 annually on goods and services that are not really necessary.
If Americans could cut down 10% of coffee intake or gamble less and contribute it towards small business the country could see strengthening of the economy.

Also choose the projects which you could see a good potential as there are lots of mediocre projects.Analyse the goals and ambition of the organization and where they would end up after 4 to 5 years. If you are still wondering how to get started with funding small business, well there are a lot of platforms which help in smart investment.These platforms have tools to teach you how to do these investments.

There are various types of funding like debt funding or equity funding. Investment in crowdfunding is a way of contributing to the country’s economy.Investment does come with its own risks like the guarantee of return and scams.To avoid scams and frauds the government has introduced regulations through the Jobs Act.

How to kickstart companies companies with equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is where people invest at the beginning of a company and in turn obtain shares in the company.This is also one of the crowdfunding mode to kickstart your project. A share holder holds a part of the company and gains if the company gets a profit .At the same time loses the investment made, if the company loses. The (Jump Start Our Business) Jobs act was introduced to bring regulations in equity funding.As soiliciting individual money from public is illegal.These regulations make sure that equity crowdfunding is carried through a registered-dealer.

The buyer should make sure that the valuation of shares is appropriate as start-ups tend to quote a higher value initially.The amount of time that is required to sell these shares is quite long the company has to devolp and come to a point where you can sell these shares. If these are the hurdles of an investor it is not easy for the start-ups too. The Company has to come up with financial disclosure and follow SEC rules which tend to change. If the company does not reach the target funding then the company has to return the money received.This will affect the reputation of the company at a very early stage.It is a hit or miss situation.

But unlike debt crowdfunding where certain amount interest has to be paid equity crowdfunding is far simpler in this acpect. Any start-up waiting to kickstart their project should understand that the way they market their idea will drive the investor’s mindset.And choosing which stream of crowdfunding is up to the start-up depending on your organizational structure.

Kickstart your crowdfunding campaign through landing page

Crowdfunding today has a wider reach and lot of people are pitching in their dreams through this platform.Crowdfunding is like acquiring customers to believe in your product and ideas even before you can deliver them. There are mediums to achieve this like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and many other latest mediums.Since most people are ready to crowdfund there is also a lot of projects coming up.A well crafted crowdfunding campaign is how well your idea is reaching to the mases.What makes your project or cause stand out among the thousands of other projects that are competing woth yours. 60% of Kickstarter campaigns do not reach their funding goal it is a clear sign that if it is not worth the money nobody is interested.You should prove that your idea is worth being spent on.To achieve this you need a good pre-funding campaign.Deliver your idea in a clear cut manner even before you start asking for money.

Create a landing page for your project.These are single web page which take the user only to the page or web link intendend by the designer of the landing page.In a crowdfunding campaign it can be email subscription, chat forums communities in social websites.The intention of these landing pages is to create a buzz among the people about the idea of the project.These are not to persuade for people to give money but to make people know how passionate you are about the project.Get feedback from your subscribers on your project.Target that niche community who get into the conversation on your communities.They in a way will take your project forward. Above all, make sure what your goal is, because passionate projects will standout and definitely get funded.

Are there ways to crowdfund a crowdfunding platform?

A crowdfunding platform is a dream destination for aspiring entrepreneurs to quench the thirst of their dream projects. Not every campaign would be successful and more than half of the campaigns would fail terribly. There are many platforms like HeadFunder and Kickstarter that offer funds to the crowdfunding campaigns. Hence, the biggest question is, can you crowdfund a crowdfunding platform? Yes, we can and the process follows the same procedure of a crowdfunding project for any other startup venture.

You must plan up for its promotions in prior to project launch and it would bring a huge difference to its campaign. A project may take shape either during the initial stages or during the final stages. Therefore, do not call off the project in the mid way, patience is gold!

First and foremost, understand who your target group of people is and then proceed to the next stage. Get insanely creative with your start up pages and Kickstarter videos. Always use HD images, impressive quotes and bring in some drama to your videos. Also, do researches and get your facts right before starting a campaign.

Choose the best software that would make your crowdfunding platform a user friendly one and do not go overboard with the website designs. Also, if your campaign turns out to be a successful one, you would gain other benefits along with the funds. If you want to make it big by introducing a crowdfunding platform, then go for it!

Story telling elevates your crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

There are stories everywhere and it gives that extra “oomph” factor to anything and everything. Story telling could make the films, novels, comics, theatrical performances, etc. interesting and entertaining. It even plays an important role in crowdfunding campaigns because it could grab attention from the viewers across the platform. Story telling could be an essential marketing strategy as it elevates the campaign’s overall picture. It could be incorporated in the Kickstarter video or its start page with an effective screenplay including pictures and images. There are seven factors that must be considered during the story telling process.

Defeating the enemy

The kickstarter video can have a screenplay that focuses on the contender and its cons. The focus then should be shifted to the campaign and its pros. It should depict how the campaign defeats its contender.

The concept of a phoenix bird

A phoenix bird takes another life from its ashes; similarly the story telling should focus on the campaign’s previous failures and its strong comeback.

Adventure to success

A story telling could always win people’s hearts if it focuses on any particular adventure. It could even be applied to the campaigns on Kickstarter questing for success.

Journey and its experience

Certain movies like inception takes us on a journey to somewhere spiritual and it would be forever in people’s hearts, the entire credits go to the screenplay. Likewise, the Kickstarter video must take us on its journey to success and depict its experiences.

An overnight success  

It might seem very unreal, but the truth is people are more curious to know about overnight success stories. Many movies have made crazy amount of money with this topic and the campaigns that focus on this topic might sound unusual. But it could be a massive hit if it follows the right track.

A little bit of drama and tragedy does the job

You may think it would not suit the campaign videos, but honestly speaking, it could fetch you the much needed attention from the backers. It is most suitable for campaigns that focus on medical and disaster funds.

Humor is a big fat yes

No story would be complete without humor and it follows for the campaign videos as well. Never hesitate to make healthy jokes about your campaign because it could win you some worthy backers.

All these seven factors can elevate your story telling strategies and bring you success. After all, the backers demand for your innovative and creative methods.

Tips for Musicians for Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a platform which musicians use to develop their relations with their fans and get funds to release their new album. They can even able to host a musical program by crowdfunding.

There are a lot of websites for musicians who include Pledge Music, indiegogo, kickstarter and the ongoing platform patreon. So here are some tips for them to develop their business:

Bring out the crowd:

The music category is considered to be in the 5th position of crowdfunding in raising the money and 2nd position in its project launch in website where 72% of the project results in success. Most of the success comes from the musician’s social network and existing fans, so you should plan to reach the backers using these tools.


All the friends and fans get involved in the project after your launch in crowdfunding platform as they hear about it in Facebook and Twitter. You need to give benefits to those who join you in the quest, like giving rewards, share key updates and highlight the urgency.

Social Media Platform:

Involvement in social media network will enable the backers to reach your website. Some think Twitter as the best and some think Facebook as the best. 80% of the results you get are from the efforts you take. It is good to involve in the social media platform which most of your fans use.

Prepare a story:

Prepare a good story to grab backer’s attention towards your project. This story should contain many characters which include a main character, an evil and many more.

Involve in Marketing:

Marketing is the best way to showcase your art of music with your crowdfunding campaigns. A clearer view about your audience will help you improve your marketing.

Tips to produce a splendid Kickstarter video

 A Kickstarter video could make or break your campaign to start a business. It plays a key role in grabbing attention from the backers to invest in your business. In order to grab attention from the backers, the video should be engaging, innovative and informative.

 When you are making a Kickstarter video, do not sound like a one trick pony and boring. Passion must overflow from you to give good vibes to the viewers. Do not put up a straight face throughout the video, smile often and sound engaging.

 Do not even think of making it long for 10 minutes or so, it would be a huge turn off for the viewers. Make it simple, short and most importantly, interesting.

 Make it trustworthy because backers would not turn up for your project if you sound not-so-interested. Be more engaging and explain how important it is for you to start up a business.

 Never ever violate the copyrights law which includes music, logos, video and images. Make it your own because it gives a good impression to the viewers. After all, you do not want your video to be illegal.

 Always use high quality pictures, graphic banners and innovative texts to make sure your video stands out from the rest. The Kickstarter video for “Coffee Joulies” was a huge hit because it was different and unique. The creator inserted the text “Click the green button” at the end of the video that played a key role in the success. You can create your own Kickstarter like website with FundStarter

Make sure you use all these tips to create the video and have a successful campaign. A successful video may not be the only feature to attract the backers, but it definitely plays an important role.

The ways through which crowdfunding platforms make money


There are numerous ways through which crowdfunding platforms make money. The key component is fees but it is a little complicated procedure. Some of the well known practiced ways are illustrated below.

Platform fees      

Crowdfunding sites make money through two types of fundraisers.

All or nothing: The crowdfunding platforms take 5% of fee if the funds are successfully raised.         

Keep what you raise: Platforms will tack on a total fee of 8-10% if the funds are NOT successfully raised.

The comparison between low goal and high volume & high goal and low volume

Most of the crowdfunding platforms depend on high frequency of low goal campaigns for a consistent business model. But both the campaigns however contribute a significant amount of revenue. A smaller project with a low goal is more frequent and also the most reliable stream. But larger projects attract smaller projects in order to build the brand credibility.

Platforms with free fee principle         

One of the few platforms that offer free fundraising is Indiegogo life. The reasons why this platform offers free fundraising are to collect email addresses, to gather more data and increase brand awareness.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, do platforms offer consulting? The answer is a big no! The reason is that it isn’t a scalable business model! There are many platforms that do not offer any paid advertisement space!  A crowdfunding platform should be able to bring the best projects to fame, not the creators who have marketing dollars. There is also an evident connection between Ecommerce and crowdfunding. Kickstarter platform now allow people to customize a call-to-action button after they finished their projects to a pre-order website and Indiegogo has its InDemand program which allows people to accept pre-orders.


These are the few ways through which crowdfunding platforms make money.

20 ways to de-stress while running a crowdfunding campaign


It is hard and stressful to start  a crowdfunding campaign.You have to work everydaywith extreme focus for the launch of campaign  as well as you need to keep marketing it.Here are some techniques which help you de-stress during the  campaign.

1.Listen to music:It is scientifically proven that listening music can help reduce the stress,increasing performance and help with Insomnia.

2.Take a walk:Walking  helps you have a positive effect on your mood which is psychologically proven.A leisurely walk can help get  your blood flowing again after sitting down all day. a friend:The Quickest way to set your mind off the crowdfunding campaign is to get around people than being alone.It will change your emotional state and your nerves will dissipate.

4.Turn off the internet and your phone:Turning of the devices will make us to live in the present  moment instead of  obsessing about what we might be missing online.67% of cell phone owners check their phone for messages and calls.

5.Watching something interesting and funny:Watch funny  videos which let us have a qick laugh and get back to work.

6.Enjoy the  beauty of nature: Take a second to look at the beautiful surroundings with beautiful plants and  animals.

7.Do gardening:Gardening is a fantastic pastime for those who are interested in it.There are a number a benefits in it,which include stress relief,improved brain and heart,better mental health and more.

8.Go for a run:Aftera long day,exercise is the best thing you need to do.Running trains the body and relieve your mind from stress.Its a long-term mood stabilizer.Running can also serve as a  source to develop a healthy lifestyle.

9.Visit a family member:Take some time to visit anyone of your family member whom you haven’t seen for a while.It will relieve you from all negative thoughts and make you stress free.

10.Look at pictures of cute animals:Take a second to browse and look at the pictures of cute animals which will make you free from negative thoughts.

11.Do yoga or stretch:Taking a 20 minute break to do yoga will make you feel relaxed.There are millions of videos about yoga online for beginners who want to try it.

12.Do something artistic:There are alot a videos online for beginners who want to do something creative.Taking time to do it will improve your creativity,mental focus etc.

13.Write in a journal:Journaling can improve your IQ skills ,increase your concentration level and make you mindfull.

14.Take a hot bath:Taking a hot bath is more relaxing after a long day.

15.Play a Board game:They are the best thing to improve your creativity,memory and problem solving skill.Taking some time  to enjoy with family and friends will take your mind off from campaign.

16.Bake something:Baking will make you forget about the campaign and focus on the task on hands.

17.Dance:Emotion is created by motion.Dance will make your mind alive and make you feel more relaxed.

18.Meditate:Meditating regularly  has a lot of benefits which include improved metabolism,Stress relief,better slee,improved brain functioning and many more.

19.Volunteering:volunteering in a public activity will help you reset your mind and froce you think about others.

20.Read a book:Reading a book will take you to a new world and improves your vocabulary and analytical thinking,mind concentration and focus.

Different ways to get bloggers to blog about you Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Pozible campaign

To get your campaigns reach out to the bloggers, you will have to plug your companies into LinkedIn’s search feature and see if you have any common connections with the bloggers. Proceed further by asking for an email introduction if any common connections are found.

Bonding with bloggers by developing a healthy relationship

You will have to build a genuine relationship with the bloggers before needing from them. This can be achieved easily by interacting via comments of a discussion forum. The bloggers respond back to comments more than they respond to your mails. So it is always a better choice to leave comments on the discussion forum. To keep in touch with the bloggers, have a consistent avatar or a profile picture so that they would remember you in future.

Ways to get the bloggers to write about you

In order to have the bloggers to write about you, you will have to raise funds because no blogger would be interested to write a story about you if you are a zero in fund raising. In case if you have not raised money for your campaign, you will have to give a different story to the bloggers that does not concentrate on your fundraising method. This may sound as a bizarre one, but it is indeed an effective method! Some of the other areas where you can create a story about being new ongoing trends of consumer products, the history of your company before the product launch and the amount of preparation you have put on your new product launch.

Having to create a new story can be pretty challenging and creative! You can also get the bloggers to write a blog about you if you are an ardent user of social media sites and based on your followers, you may win your bloggers!