20 ways to de-stress while running a crowdfunding campaign


It is hard and stressful to start  a crowdfunding campaign.You have to work everydaywith extreme focus for the launch of campaign  as well as you need to keep marketing it.Here are some techniques which help you de-stress during the  campaign.

1.Listen to music:It is scientifically proven that listening music can help reduce the stress,increasing performance and help with Insomnia.

2.Take a walk:Walking  helps you have a positive effect on your mood which is psychologically proven.A leisurely walk can help get  your blood flowing again after sitting down all day.

3.call a friend:The Quickest way to set your mind off the crowdfunding campaign is to get around people than being alone.It will change your emotional state and your nerves will dissipate.

4.Turn off the internet and your phone:Turning of the devices will make us to live in the present  moment instead of  obsessing about what we might be missing online.67% of cell phone owners check their phone for messages and calls.

5.Watching something interesting and funny:Watch funny  videos which let us have a qick laugh and get back to work.

6.Enjoy the  beauty of nature: Take a second to look at the beautiful surroundings with beautiful plants and  animals.

7.Do gardening:Gardening is a fantastic pastime for those who are interested in it.There are a number a benefits in it,which include stress relief,improved brain and heart,better mental health and more.

8.Go for a run:Aftera long day,exercise is the best thing you need to do.Running trains the body and relieve your mind from stress.Its a long-term mood stabilizer.Running can also serve as a  source to develop a healthy lifestyle.

9.Visit a family member:Take some time to visit anyone of your family member whom you haven’t seen for a while.It will relieve you from all negative thoughts and make you stress free.

10.Look at pictures of cute animals:Take a second to browse and look at the pictures of cute animals which will make you free from negative thoughts.

11.Do yoga or stretch:Taking a 20 minute break to do yoga will make you feel relaxed.There are millions of videos about yoga online for beginners who want to try it.

12.Do something artistic:There are alot a videos online for beginners who want to do something creative.Taking time to do it will improve your creativity,mental focus etc.

13.Write in a journal:Journaling can improve your IQ skills ,increase your concentration level and make you mindfull.

14.Take a hot bath:Taking a hot bath is more relaxing after a long day.

15.Play a Board game:They are the best thing to improve your creativity,memory and problem solving skill.Taking some time  to enjoy with family and friends will take your mind off from campaign.

16.Bake something:Baking will make you forget about the campaign and focus on the task on hands.

17.Dance:Emotion is created by motion.Dance will make your mind alive and make you feel more relaxed.

18.Meditate:Meditating regularly  has a lot of benefits which include improved metabolism,Stress relief,better slee,improved brain functioning and many more.

19.Volunteering:volunteering in a public activity will help you reset your mind and froce you think about others.

20.Read a book:Reading a book will take you to a new world and improves your vocabulary and analytical thinking,mind concentration and focus.

Different ways to get bloggers to blog about you Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Pozible campaign

To get your campaigns reach out to the bloggers, you will have to plug your companies into LinkedIn’s search feature and see if you have any common connections with the bloggers. Proceed further by asking for an email introduction if any common connections are found.

Bonding with bloggers by developing a healthy relationship

You will have to build a genuine relationship with the bloggers before needing from them. This can be achieved easily by interacting via comments of a discussion forum. The bloggers respond back to comments more than they respond to your mails. So it is always a better choice to leave comments on the discussion forum. To keep in touch with the bloggers, have a consistent avatar or a profile picture so that they would remember you in future.

Ways to get the bloggers to write about you

In order to have the bloggers to write about you, you will have to raise funds because no blogger would be interested to write a story about you if you are a zero in fund raising. In case if you have not raised money for your campaign, you will have to give a different story to the bloggers that does not concentrate on your fundraising method. This may sound as a bizarre one, but it is indeed an effective method! Some of the other areas where you can create a story about being new ongoing trends of consumer products, the history of your company before the product launch and the amount of preparation you have put on your new product launch.

Having to create a new story can be pretty challenging and creative! You can also get the bloggers to write a blog about you if you are an ardent user of social media sites and based on your followers, you may win your bloggers!